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Visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park….

I felt the need to write a quick blog even though it is only my second one, it’s 9.30pm on a Thursday night and it has been a long day! I thought that if I don’t do another blog now I may never do one (or maybe only achieve one every six months at this stage)!

I was inspired to write it after a lovely visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) this Monday. After a grey start to the day in Manchester I decided to think of places I wanted to visit that required “a drive out” too and came up with YSP. I have a fond association with the gallery as they were the first gallery to place an order with me at my first trade show at Harrogate British Craft Trade Fair (a few years ago now). Although I have only visited the gallery on one other occasion which was a very rainy day, unable to enjoy the vast area of gardens and grounds surrounding the gallery, I had a feeling that the weather was going to make my visit a different experience this time and I was right!

So sure that it was going to be a lovely trip I invited my parents to come, made a picnic and off we went. Welcomed by the sunshine on our arrival, my parents were sold as soon as we drove through the entrance. After a brief(ish) visit to the Miro exhibition in the underground gallery trying to educate my Dad into a bit of bronze sculptures we took to the grounds and explored all the huge sculptures and trails. 

Having my 18 month old daughter with me who wanted to walk the whole way,we did pretty well to cover as much as we did. We still need to another visit to get to the Longside gallery to see the Anish Kapoor exhibition which was unfortunately a little to far to walk when tiny legs were slowing us down. I think my daughters favorite parts were watching all the other children climbing and playing on the Anthony Caro ‘Promenade’ sculptures in front of Bretton Hall and also the hidden Shall Grotto near the Lake. For me, it was the whole place, the galleries are lovely and show some really high profile exhibitions, the Underground gallery being a great space in itself. Although I think it is the combination of the galleries and the huge space surrounding them containing more interesting pieces of sculptures that make it a special place.

So if you fancy a cultural day out in the sun before the summer is out, have a visit to YSP, it’s lovely!

P.S. take a peak at the Craft shop before you leave, it sells some lovely stuff too! x

end of a lovely day…..
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