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Welcome to devinesdesign…

People have been advising me to start a blog for a while now to get more in touch with the cyber world and help promote my business in various different ways, so after finally joining Twitter (and actually quite liking it), I thought I would try blogging. I might not be great at grammar and punctuation so apologies for that but I will try to keep you informed about various goings on and hopefully other interesting things.

I am hoping that it will also make me more aware of things that inspire and influence me and make me log things down more and act as a bit of a reference for myself aswell as being able to share with others.

I suppose I should start with a bit of a background on myself…..

I have been working as Devinesdesign since 2004 after finishing my degree in Embroidery where I started to sample making bags. I have continued to develop my work using mainly leather mixed with 100% cottons and silks to create simple, functional shaped items. My studio is based at Manchester’s Craft and Design Centre where I share with Jewellery designer Jo Lavelle.

My current work is based on traditional hand stitch and using individually sourced vintage Mother of Pearl buckles which are incorporated into the designs and finished off with linen hand stitch thread to complement the buckle and leather used. My work can be found on my website so take a peek if you can!

I think I’ve covered most things…here’s some recent photos of my work and process….

Next time I will post information on stuff I’m working on including an auction piece for our forthcoming exhibition at Craft and Design to celebrate it’s 30th birthday…check out more on

Thanks for reading..

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